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"I'm SO glad I made the initial phone call to Robin when I felt overwhelmed with the clutter in my life. After a few sessions, I'm feeling more confident and organized. Her gentle approach, with a touch of humor was just what I needed to aid me in letting go of things I no longer used. Robin is the consummate professional-punctual, practical and fun to partner with in my quest for a more organized life. "
"Working with Robin was fun! She helped me clean out and organize photos and memorabilia. She was non-judgemental about the mess I had. It was easier than expected. Now everything sits in labeled containers and easier to find."
"We hired Robin to help us organize one of our closets that has been a complete mess for years. The closet has been an eye sore, we are so thankful Robin was able to provide her services. Cleanliness is a virtue and having an organized space eases the mind. We are looking forward to working with her again for all of our organizing plans."
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