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Services include kitchen, bedrooms, dining room, children's playroom, living spaces, home office, laundry room, bathroom, entryway, storage spaces, basements, garages.

Call if you have an area and it's not listed, we most likely can do it!

Phone Call


After your initial contact, we will reply within 24 hours to book a time for a phone call consultation. During that phone call we'll ask a few questions and we can discuss what you are looking for and your final goal. If you are interested in our services, we'll book an At Home Visit.

No commitment required!

At Home Visit


During our one-hour in-home walk-through, we’ll look at all your challenge areas with no judgement.  We firmly believe in respecting you, your home, and your privacy.   

We’ll walk and talk about your goals, your timeline and budget.

You will be reassured knowing we are insured and highly recommended by clients, realtors, vendors, and other industry partners.


Hands On Decluttering and Organizing


We book clients in (minimum) 3 hour increments. Longer sessions are available if requested. 

In a typical 3 hour session, we'll tackle one to two smaller areas, such as your pantry or closet. Or we will get started on a bigger room, such as kitchen, bedroom or den. 

In addition to your sessions, we will help with storage solutions, labeling of items, purchasing products (if needed and discussed) and a complimentary telephone or email follow-up after project completion.

All sessions include:

​​Travel Time




1 Car Load of Donations per visit

Email and Text Support

*Let's Get Organized is fully insured

*All sessions are completely confidential and non-judgemental & include

1 carload per session of unwanted items to local charity shops. The client

is responsible for further donations. Garbage is clients responsibility. Professional organizers assist with garbage, but do not remove from site

 *Travel to locations in excess of 25 miles from Phoenixville will incur a charge to cover fuel costs ($.67 per mile after)

*Two organizers are available for bigger jobs. Call for more information and availability 

 *Items purchased on your behalf with prior approval will be charged AT COST with a handling fee of 15% (e.g. hangers, bins, containers) + hourly charge

for time shopping ($75/hour)

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