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Payment for Services and Fee Schedule:

Acceptable forms of payment include cash, credit card, Venmo and Zelle. 

Client is fully responsible for any bank charges incurred due to insufficient funds. 

The total cost and time of a project is dependent on several factors including: 

*Speed at which the client makes decisions regarding what is to be kept, discarded or donated. 

*Quantity of items

Terms and Conditions

By signing the contract, we agree:

*That you engage Lets Get Organized with Robin to remove and dispose of only the personal property with 'the premises' and

*That Lets Get Organized with Robin accepts the assignment based on this letter, which supersedes prior discussion between us.

*That you release us from all liability for any damages to your personal property as well as any other within 'the premises', the property, or the building, despite the exercise of reasonable care.

*You must remove all hazardous material, including chemicals, firearms, medical waste, drugs, large of amounts of cash and/or expensive jewelry. The cost of disposal is your responsibility.

* Lets Get Organized with Robin may decline to move, organize, pack, or handle anything deemed by us to be hazardous or unsafe items. 

*That Lets Get Organized with Robin is not liable for any items valued over $500.

*You have given us permission to take photographs of 'the premise' and its contents. 


Your time is very important to us and we know you feel the same. When a client books an appointment with us, that time slot is reserved exclusively for them and becomes unavailable for anyone else to use. If, for some reason other that a true emergency or serious illness, a client needs to or change an appointment, please kindly provide at least (2) business days advance notice so that others may take advantage of the unused time. 

Appointments cancelled within (2) business days of a scheduled appointment time (with the exception of a true emergency or serious illness) are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of scheduled work. This fee must be paid in full within (7) days of the cancellation, and prior to the scheduling of any further appointments. This fee may be waived or adjusted at or sole discretion. 

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